Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Au Revoir 2009.

Helloooo 2010!

2009. You've been so so good to me despite all the ups & downs & tantrums I throw at the boyfie throughout the year. You'll forever be one of my favorite years. :) Ah nee ways, I really wanna blog about my snowboarding trip, but I guess you'll just have to hear it from me straight cos I'm really lazy to type right now. I'll just type out a few words to summarize the trip.

Scary, Unexpected, Frustration, Pain, FUN.

I heard there might be another snowboarding trip on the 3rd but it's not confirmed yet. I wish I have extra yen to spend on my own snowboarding outfit. :'( Anybody generous can send in their yens to my account. I'll be gladly to give you my account number teehee.

So, how I spent my NYE. Boyfie & I went all the way to Fuchuu at 6ish and got ourselves "Avatar 3D" tickets. Hahaha - yes, I don't care if I have to countdown inside the cinema, as long as I get to see Avatar on the silver screen. Avatar was alright, I think. I don't like it when the Na'vi people gets pissy, they'll bare their teeth. It reminds me of Lady Gaga's Teeth song.

"Show me your teeth"

After the movie, we went to some shrine nearby the cinema. We were just in time for the countdown, but we didn't realize it. By the time the clock struck 12, you can hear the big bell from the shrine rang a few times, followed by gunshots in the air. Everyone was queuing up to get their white prayer paper. We weren't there too long cos takut the younger crowds get drunk and crazy and might wanna pick up a fight with us foreigners. Yeah, so that was it. My New Year's Eve.

Right now, I'm at home, waiting for Kankan to wake up so we can do our New Year shopping. Chances of me getting the New Year bag is low. ;( I read on twitter, a lot of people have started lining up as early as 6am. Shoots, Japanese pun kiasu. Alrighty, need to get ready for the shopping war.

Happy New Year!

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