Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Social Network

Is it just me, or has Facebook turned into some major spam network?

I'm starting to not like Facebook. In case you can't view some stuff on my profile, I've turned on my full privacy setting.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

for you

although you're my silly boy,
you're also my wonderwall.

thanks for being such a romeo. i hope i'll always be your juliet.


i'll forever remember the day we spent at harajuku..

getting lost. haha! & the movie we saw after that.. tee hee


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't touch any cats for the longest time ever! It's already.. two months since I last touch a cat. :'( I want my Cumi. I just read an email my lil sis sent to me. Cumi was sitting on her lap, oh how I wish a cat would just jump on to my lap and gedik2 with me for awhile.

To the person who cares about me:
Please get me a cat before I go nuts.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rai Todd : The Barber on Elm's St.

I cut Kankan's hair yesterday! Clap for me! It turned out alright - surprisingly. He looks cuter now, haha cos I gave him the mama's good boy haircut. And I accidentally cut off his ...


You can shoot me now. I sorta just found out that sideburn is like a the most important thing for a boy. How was I suppose to know that? I don't have any brothers. Plus, my knowledge about guys is very low. Nyahaaaaww *evil laugh* So anyone wants me to cut his/her hair? You know where to find me. Either at my first home or my second home.

And also last night, the Hachioji family (minus Shauki, Bintat & Hadi) went to Fuchuu to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie is so damn good, you just have to watch it for yourself cos I don't wanna spoil anything. For a girl like me, who doesn't like robots, I think this one is so good. Even better than the first movie. Awesome job! Plus, more funny scenes which I really enjoyed. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the Japanese cinema.

You know in the cinema where they show this advertisment about the rules & regulations in the cinema. For Malaysia - it's always, no recording, no talking on the phone, no talking too much, those sorta rules? In Japan, they have those rules too. There's 5 and one of it, shows the mouth.

So, the mouth. Let's take a guess what it means.

I bet you guessed no talking.

You're dead wrong.

It means you can't open your mouth, silly. No whispering, no talking, no breathing thru your mouth(I'm exaggerating this part), NO LAUGHING etc. In my head, I was going like F*ck x1000000000 cos whenever I or whoever yang laughed in the cinema last night, the stupid Japanese lady sitting beside me would say "Urusai". Means noisy. The thing is, if it's funny, it's not a crime to laugh kan. I mean, if I laughed during a sad part, then yeah, you can gimme the urusai sound. But this. one. is. a. funny. scene. YOU GODDAMN DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH LA, WOMAN. In fact, no one was laughing besides the Malaysians. F***, THE JAPANESE ARE ROBOTS. No feelings, meh????? Even if you don't understand English, the movements, the action itself dah funny, and yet, no one was laughing. It's either the Japanese are really dumb or have no feelings or too busy trying to understand the stupid Japanese subtitle underneath it.

I didn't enjoy the movie 100 percent, thanks to the lady beside me.

Ugh! I wanna watch Transformers in Malaysia where I can laugh out loud in the cinema and people don't mind it that much.

Over and out.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

All You Single People!

It's time for an update, since it's a Friday night and I have nothing to do besides Youtube-ing and visit random sites. So, I'm gonna fulfill Didie's request and do the meme tag thingamajig first.

1. 5 nama timangan anda
That's simple. Rai - Rana - Rihanna - Ribena - Raihannah Montana. You pick one ;)

2. 5 sifat/tabiat buruk anda
Saya ni malas.
Tak dengar cakap Kanda.
Apparently, I'm a procrastinator.
And I wake up late on weekends. Hihi

3. 5 makanan favourite
I can't live without home-cooked meals! :( I miss it loads.
Kuay Teow goreng
Udang masak sambal
Papa's stew (OMG IT'S BEEN AWHILE PA!)
sweet sweet desserts.

4. 5 subjek yang digemari
I love recess!
Back in form 4 & form 5, I was queen of Add Maths. I pwned the subject.
I love music class.
English lessons were fun.
And now, I'm loving digital signal processing!

5. 5 benda wajib dalam purse
Identity card, my info(health) card, money, ATM card, receipts (to remind me how much I've spent!)

6. 5 topic yang biasa dibual bersama rakan/pasangan
gossips, homework, syourai no hanashi, mukashi no hanashi, current news

7. 5 mangsa tag
whoever je lah. douzo~

So, back to MY life. (Ee, sounds so gedik!)

I went to Shimokitazawa on Wednesday night with the Hachioji family for the ala All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. We decided to drive there instead of taking the Japanese conservative way of travelling - by train. So, the driver was Kankan and I was co-driver for less than 5 minutes before everyone voted me out to be the co-driver/penjaga gps. I gloomed, merajuk, wasn't in my usual genki form on our way there. We left Hachioji at 7 something and supposedly, it takes about 51 minutes to get there.

At 9 o'clock. Safe and sound at Shimokitazawa. But we couldn't find the landmark that was given by Mape. Drove around, looking for the place. In the end, we ended up getting lost and getting further away from the place (based on the gps). Imagine 4 people in the car, carrying iPhones, and everyone's iPhone batteries are low. Haaaaa.. So to make the story short, we only got to that place slightly before 10. 3 hours in the car ain't funny, especially when you know you're sooooo near the place and you can't find it. I remembered we parked the car and ran like Amazing Race contestants - looking for the Shimokitazawa station. Haha, best gile. We got everyone's attention. '
Yeah, so, only one hour of makan-makan. Then back to the car. My back seriously hurts like tut. It was a looong day. And also, it was fun hanging around the station. We get to see the crowds and street performances and some weird pak cik who thought we were from Indonesia. Haha, memang kami ade muka Indonesia pun. x) Harharhar~ Yeaaaah. So that was the highlight of my week. Getting lost in a small area and lepak malam-malam in Sendagaya prefecture. :D

Oh oh oh. Please watch the video! Notice anything different? Haha, ILU Joe Jonas. :P I practically rolled on the floor - laughing superrr hard watching it! Here's the wannabe!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Attn: Cumi

Now I know why you slobber sometimes.. You've been very very naughty, Cumi. :3

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The day finally came..

I'm homesick! I miss my family...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"I'm psyched!"


Like d-uh. The new iPhone 3GS is coming out in June/July. I get two emails about it. One, from Apple iTunes and the other one, from my mom! Haha! It's suppose to be an improved version of the current iPhone. Hmm.. I wonder if it turns out alright. Most Japanese don't really fancy iPhone cause their phone is more canggih than the iPhone. Like... a thousand years ahead from iPhone.


So yeah. iPhone 3GS is the new thing this year :)


I feel like ranting about something that I'm not really satisfied with, ugh, but where and how to start? Ish, I'll do this when I know what to write. Haha :P

Till then.



Saturday, June 6, 2009


I watched Wolverine last night.
Hugh Jackman is ultimate.
So it Gambit, tee hee..
I downloaded White Chicks too!
Classic la this show.
Yes, a girl can never have enough chic flicks
get me?
Rachel and Freddie are so cute. They make a good on-screen couples!
Hello Zac Efron..
You're H-O-T!
I don't care if you're younger than me.
And this long-awaited movie,
They better do this one properly since it's my
favourite book!
Oh Tom Felton.. it's been a while, eh? (:
July 17, please come fast..
(Even though I'll be having my finals during that time pfft)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sin #1. Gluttony

The boy & I went to Krispy Kreme today.

We pigged ourselves out with these.

It was a celebration for getting my Part Time permission. :)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's that time of the year -
when my teenage sister turns another year older. The exact same age when Jenny started becoming a pain in the ass in Season One.

" Mama's back at work - and menimbun kerja. This Friday - Henna has been persistent nak have sort of party with her friends.
I'm at my wits end, don't know what games to organize. If you can think of any games, activities, pls email mama."

Any ideas, friends? :/ I bet my sister's doing a Gossip Girl theme party. Haha, my sister has taste y'all. She's exactly like Jenny! But so much more adorable la, of course. I don't remember my fifteenth birthday. I remember being very chubby, lol. And I still am ;)

Anyways, focus! I was thinking of.. the old traditional musical chair, the newspaper game, the so kiddy-kiddy games. Ish, modern fifteen year old ni memang maju. I don't think they remember the existence of those games. Neways, comment if ade idea!

Ps. My Kankan got so high for his Electronic Circuit (Lecture) exam! Congratsssss, I want Krispy Kreme thank you.

Pps. I beat him in Electronic Circuit (Ensyuu) exam :P

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