Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello readers. I've lost the will to blog. Been really busy lately, I can't wait for 7th december battle to end. I need to pass this exam after failing it by one point last year. Ha-ha, go me!

To my dearest family,
who have left me to go holidaying at Langkawi, bring back chocolates! Lots and lots of stocks of chocs!

To my dearest high school friends,
thanks for the awesome less than 2 hours meet up yumcha! :)) I promise I'll go for the next one, sorry!

To my dearest jad-ians,
Let the JLPT battle begin. All the best!

To my dearest Ed Westwick,
aww, looking hot as always. I can't wait for your debut appearance in Episode 12 this coming Tuesday. *raburabu*

To my dearest,
So banyak scenes cut out from Twilight! :(( WTF! But at least Jasper & Alice are exactly what I imagined. And this is how I pictured Bella.Yes, Violet from An Unfortunate Series of Events. Emily Browning. Bella Swan. Doesn't it make the light bulb in your head goes "Ka-ching"! Hehe, ok, that sounds like cashier sound. But still!! She's so pretty and sooo Bella-ish. Ish betul la the casting people. Huu~ ok lah. Lesson to learn, don't expect so much on movies based on story books! :(

gotta study. good byes!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

wednesday is my day!

rewind from last week till today.

had interview on friday
went back to pj on friday
went to kanda's sister's wedding on sunday
report due on thursday
circuit test on thursday
won pingpong doubles on wednesday

happy birthday izat, my ping pong partner. we rock hard on the table. :)

ok, i'm done. baru tengok camp rock. i think ..
wait. i love joe jonas. shoots..

i sooo wanna watch twilight!

and to all the gg fans, no gg this week la. episode 12 is out next week. I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT TUESDAY! :D


Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have this terrible headache.

I thought it's becos I didn't get enough sugar today.
Hnn.. maybe it's not sugar. I'm just allergic to workload.

T___T i wanna go home.. and rest and rest.

Sleeping adds the piercing pain in my head. So sleep is a no-no now. Should go buy panadol later.

*le sigh*


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

random curiousity

how do you know if it's..

the right hand to hold,
the right way to smile,
the right move to make,
the right moment to say "i love you",
the right person to be with?
the right feeling to have when we're together?

as for me,
i just know it. ;)

xoxo to my lucky guy.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

of shots

Hey y'all!

Kanda and Boboy came over to my house yesterday. We practiced a bit of jamming here and there on the piano and guitar. After they left, my twin brother (from different mother and father) came to pick me up to go to 1u. But before that, my mommy asked a teeny weeny favour from abang. She asked him to drive me to the clinic in Damansara Uptown to get my Hepatitis A and B shots..


We headed to the clinic, got my shot within 5 minutes. Then abang teman-ed me to go to the pet store to see cute fluffy kittens. That really cheered me up :D After that, we went to 1u. We wanted to watch HSM3, but since he's in a rush, we walked & walked and chatted and eat and eat. I got my Move It McFlurry! Yumms~ *love love* Thought of going to FlyFM's 3rd birthday bash, but since I was in 1u the previous day and still got the sore legs, I went home instead and jadi a good daughter and tak wander around at night. :) :) :) *applause*

I saw Little Brother on tv. It's a korean movie, sad. I think I had a tear or two dropped on my cheeks. T__T oh gosh. On with report!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

happy belated birthday!

To the person, whom I still consider as a friend,

happy belated birthday! :)
God bless and may your wishes come true!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

100th post

I've reached my 100th post and the best bit is..

It's a birthday shout out to my friend, Jambu! And we celebrated Kamil's belated birthday as well. :)
ini kamil~
ini jambu
this is the camera girl & her bestest closest friend timeven kanda couldn't resist the madagascar ears! ^_____^

and this post is brought to you by,
sony camera, secret recipe choc indulgence, kfc meal, madagascar ears purchased from mcd. :)

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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I officially left the blog to dust for 9 days!

So many things I wanna tell, but with the lack of creative words and I'm just lazy to be bothered with posting the "not-so-new-anymore" entry, I'll just summarized the whole thing.

I appeared on national tv last Sunday.
Hence I took the chance to take a picture with Mr Host, Awal Ashaari.My eldest sister turned 22 last Wednesday. (Do we look alike?)And at the same time, Barrack Obama won :) :) :)

I had my mock interview yesterday and it went pretty well.
At least it's enough for me to get into the uni that I want badly. ♥

I love you Ryan and Danforth! Troy wasn't that bad either.. hehe. I kinda belanja-ed my sisters to watch the movie since Hen's finished her finals while Adina's still in her midst of finals but she still went to relax kejap from the thick boring Chemistry books. ;)

And today, my eldest sister's house got robbed while they were sleeping. No harms were done, but handphones and money were lost.. for good. Citizens of Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, beware! :O Okay lah, the warning goes out to everyone. You can't expect your home to be safe anymore. Lock your doors and grills everyone!

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