Thursday, February 26, 2009

1,2 & 3

Tuesday - I drove my sisters to school and to work. Picked up a few items for the "top secret project for the mom!". Kankan picked me up after Maghrib and was safe and sound back in TBP.

Wednesday - We girls & guys went to Pyramid for .. Ice skating! It was brilliant, I didn't fell, not once :P That's cos I move straight and couldn't do the pro's move. At night, we celebrated Rafiq's (my aniki!) birthday. :)

Thursday (today) - I'm in PJ y'all! Home sweet home~ got some top secret project. Le sigh~ I love home internet *heart*

Tomorrow's the BIG day you guys. I'm sooo scared.. Praying for the best for me, myself and I and also to all of you too! Hope we'll get good results and please, hope we passed all of those nasty papers we sat for. Let's go to Japan! 行きましょう!^-^

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Attention Safiyyah!

Post birthday treat from my bestie, Elaine at Chili's 1u ♡

Trust us, we were thinking of you when we had lunch and went to Forever 21! :) Us and the American food. Thanks Elaine! *hugs* We miss you loads Saf!

And surprisingly, we didn't see any Sri Amanians at all in 1u today, hmm.. Juniors dah maju I suppose. They go to Pavilion to shop now. :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 & 6

Saturday - full day seminar with the alumni from 8.30am to 4.30pm at Intekma Resort Shah Alam. I, for once, bursted out everything. I may look weak and people can simply step on my head easily, BUT yesterday, I couldn't take anything anymore, I went very honest with some people.

Put aside your personal, be professional,

I don't think I wanna deal with those type of people, anymore. Seriously, you should go leech at some other people cause I'm done with you people.

I hate emo posts, sigh.

Neways, after the seminars, some girls and I decided to go swimming! We went, for about 30 minutes I guess, before Pak Guard shoo-ed us away. According to him, tudung isn't allowed in swimming pool. What a funny rule. Guess who came up with that rule?

*drum roll*

Some Chrissy woman. I think it's that Ketua Penduduk TBP. She made the pool so much more tempting than ever. Restricted pools are soooo tempting! We're gonna break into the pool, again! Haha.

My parents flew off to Langkawi at 7.05pm earlier.. Have fun!! ^-^Just got back from Murni's with kankan & also sent my sister back to her campus. :) Tomorrow's plan, BF day out with Elaine. Can't wait!

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Friday, February 20, 2009


Exactly a week to Result Day. (Exam results, JLPT result, flight announcement)

I finally changed my blog layout to the normal template. I wanted to change my layout to something awesome but I am just too lazy to pick one out of 1000 awesome skins I googled for. Day by day, I'm getting lazier and also fatter. :3~ I need to work out, I need to find my super hyper momentum back. I want to go home..

Yesterday, we did movie day. Aney, Yana, Ijat, Wawa, Zack, Didie, Ipin, Peja, Rafiq, Kankan and I watched Suster Ngesot (Indonesian horror movie) and The Terminal at Abang Ad's place. I wanna do it again, so fun la and also I get to save money.

And as for today, the girls and I sneaked out and went swimming at the pool. That was when all the guys went for Friday prayers. :) Well done girls! Right now, I'm bored right out of my skull. *scrolls down contact list* Who wants to go out with me?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

post final exam

Since after exam, I've done a couple of things -- basically very interesting to me lah. Went to watch Valkyrie with ♥, spent 2 nights in a row with the friend - gossiping, telling la-la stories to each other, went out with friends & karaoke-d till my throat was super dry and got myself a smexy voice, had dinner with guy friends and watch them play Counter Strike and last but not least, I get to watch Brad Pitt with ♥! Unfortunately, the torrent I downloaded, skipped a scene and by the 1:27:28, there was no sound at all! T.T To make it short, it's either I download the movie again OR spend rm10 and go watch Brad Pitt at the cinema.


Anyways, I'm counting the days to (mind you) RESULT DAY and our flight to the land of the rising sun and otakus. :) I've sorta set my mind that I won't be getting fantabulous exam results in my last semester in JAD. I'm just hoping that I passed them all, yang tu pun dah bersyukur dah.

And also, last night, a dear friend of mine flew off to the land of sheeps. I'll miss you a lot Dalila! Kirim salam to my Pippin, Gandalf, Frodo, Smeagol, Aragorn, Legolas!!! Hehe~

I wanna go change my blog layout. :) ciaos~

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

guess who's back?

Hello dusty readers of mine...

RAI IS BACK. but i'm freaking tired. and all i wanna do now is roll on the bed and sleep. i seriously am lacking sleep. out of the 7 papers i sat for, 5 of it, i took a nap and had nice yummy dreams.

yaw. so, nights y'all! will update later, xoxo.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've been in pain for the last 3 days which resulted to no appetite -> losing weight! 8D
My birthday celebration officially ended last Sunday with the family. 3 days of celebration, am I worth all that trouble?
My house in Jepun is 2.3 man yen. :)
My abang is following me to Japan. I'll be leaving in March, insya-Allah. He'll be going in August. Muchies adik love love to my abang. I wish you get a job with Square Enix, Niklas! You're such a gamer or more likely a Final Fantasy freak-o.

Oh hey, I'm downloading 3 movies. I actually crave for Brad Pitt the whole of last week. You can ask kan-kan. So, I'm downloading The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (pls let him be sexy like in Mr & Mrs Smith). As for the other two movies, Seven Pounds & Slumdog Millionaire, they're complete random stuff. I read the review, thought of watching them.

So, this blog will be on hold since exam is this Friday. Will be back on the 17th of Feb, I think.

Till then,
Episode 17 is out today. 8D I shall watch that first before I resume my oh-so-boring date with my books.

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