Saturday, June 28, 2008

the call

The awaited call finally came in today.

Talking to the guy best friend somehow makes me feel normal, it's like my old-self just woke up from this long sleep. I miss my old-self, really. Since entering JAD, I've changed, a lot.

I wanna go back to high school. -_-; And just laugh everything off with my friends.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

uni part 1


retracing my steps. cos it seems i've reached a dead end instead.

oh, and no sympathy please. that's not what i need now.

but thanks guys! :) have to think balik during the weekend, awh damn damn. but i'm still in tokyo dakara, yays!

Monday, June 23, 2008

chou kawaii~♥

I've been upgraded by my beloved lecturer, Dr. Wada.

From namake mono to chou kawaii mono ♥ *applause*

*note: chou kawaii means super cute in English.

I feel loved by Wada sensei. ♥♥
Anyway, we handed in our university form today. So, here's my list:

1. Meiji Uni.
2. Takushoku Uni.
3. Shibaura Institute Technology Uni.

Wish me luck people! *prays*

ps. Super hungry now. Waiting for my housemates to cook dinner :/ I feel so intimidated by their cooking skillz (with a Z!). They're so.. professional. Damn.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


1. nik is coming back on the 26th of june.
2. jad won football just now, 5-1. how cool is that?
3. I've decided for the uni thingy. I'm trying out Meiji University now.
4. 9 more months baby, and we're off to Japan insyaAllah.
and this is the best I've heard so far:

saf's homecoming in DECEMBER 2008!

yes! I can't wait for the threesome outing. r-e-s. rai - elaine - saf. i miss :( nways, blog will be boring without pic so here goes:R-E-S

this is ramdhan, he scored 2 goals today :)

cheer people!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

magibon went to nihon

cos we all should love magibon!

so anyways, we had denki kairo short test just now.

words i use to describe the paper. tough, hard, tricky, so not easy, complicated, so not pleasant and you can't even feel sensei's kind heartedness in it, way beyond.. torture.

i should start studying now for finals. :(

ps. click n watch magibon bon bon! *heart*

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

multi tasking

While waiting for facebook to load(I swear, it's taking ages just to load the log in page -_-;), and while waiting for the clock to strike midnight, I'm watching Crayon Shin Chan now on Youtube. The Japanese version one. It's really funny and different from the Malay version (but not very ketara la, cos it's still stupidly funny). :D

So anyways, here's my birthday wish to a guy whom I knew for 2 years already, yeeps! You're a hardcore sole outside but inside, you're just a soft hearted guy who prefers peace, pfft! Happy birthday Azkarul Akram aka AMMMMM!! Sorry xdpt pukul malam ni, hopefully, InsyaAllah, will try to pukul you tomorrow instead. Yays!

happy birthday to you am!
wishing you happiness many years ahead :)

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

✩last friends✩

love, liberation, agony, solitude & contradiction

ONE MORE EPISODE TO GO(menunggu Jepun to air it on TV so that people can record it and upload it to CR or YT)

♥me lykes this story. and the song. I LOVE YOU TAKERU KUN AND NISHIKIDO RYO(though you're a bad ass in here)♥

i'm giving this ✩✩✩✩cos it's just so nice.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

sayounara btn, hello world

I'm back from BTN camp!

BTN rocked! Seriously, it rocked although some activities were boring. I learnt a lot from this camp, from the asal usul Malaysia right up to the current politics and their prediction in politics in the next upcoming years. Some of you might think that the camp sorta brainwashed me, but nope, they didn't promote any party at all. I went there with an open mind, so none of it affected me much except for the Jews part. fakkers. Last night, we played "Stone breakers". Each group was given 4 different sizes of stones and the goal is to make all stones to be in the same shape. Without talking to your group members & other teams, perform the task. Those who are caught talking or signaling others will be sent to "prison". Guess who went to prison last night?

The great me.

Hell yeah.



Cos I signaled to my group members without me realizing it. The first person in my team to be sent to prison. I'm very talented in getting myself to trouble during BTN. Haha, I guess I'm very naughty la. But it was all fun. So here goes:

Terima kasih banyak2 kepada Hj. Sulam and Encik Abd Halim. My facilitators played their part so well especially Tuan Hj. I kinda felt his sufferings when he told us about zaman penjajahan. He makes you feel like you're one of those who suffered during the penjajahan period. I respect the man. May God bless him and his family. :)

Anak-anak Malaysia, jom pergi BTN :) it's for your own good jugak. hehe. Wokeys! Time to do laundry and report.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

♪short hiatus♪

hey all.

approximately 1 and a half hour more, i'll be leaving for camp btn shah alam. pray for my safety and brain washing sessions with the dawgs.

will be back on friday. hopefully, dgn satu semangat dan azam yang baru. ;) hah!

xoxo, rai.
ps. u know u ♥ me


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Name: your girl next door, rai banana
Sisters: 3
Brothers: none
Shoe size: i say, six
Height: i'm a 5'3 :(
Where do you live: petaling jaya / subang jaya
Favourite drinks: anything sweet and cold
Favourite breakfast: roti gardenia 60cent
Have you ever been on a plane: yes
Swam in the ocean: if floating, yes
Fallen asleep in school: baru last week, my first time. during enkaku jugyou
Broken someone's heart: yes
Fell off your chair: i can't remember
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: yes, but i pretended i wasn't waiting
Saved e-mails: hell yes
What is your room like: @pj, messy messy room. @sj clean room
What's right beside you: another chair
What is the last thing you ate: snack plate, kfc dgn huzair, jambu n jaja
Ever had Chicken pox: omg, not yet!
Sore throat: duh, who hasn't?
Stitches: No way, ain't cool ;)
Do you believe in love at first sight: when i was small, younger n naive, yes
Like picnics: don't know la
Who was the last person you danced with: i think it's apong. hahahaha! we danced joget
You last yelled : just now, cos the guys rushed me to get ready quickly to go eat dinner, buggers.

seven facts about me:
01. craves for sweet stuff 24/7
02. can't sleep alone at night
03. recently became a youtube-dict.
04. hates any bugs/insects
05. gets hooked easily with j-dramas
06. loves kucing
07. i love my family, friends

seven things that scare me:
01. Allah s.w.t
02. Insects especially cockroaches
03. ghost
04. being alone
05. being broke
06. deaths
07. rapists/perverts/a-guy-who-you-think-as-a-friend-but-actually-has-a-hidden-agenda

seven current songs:
01. Daft Punk ; Harder Better Faster Stronger
o2. Jason Mraz ; I'm Yours
03. One Republic ; Apologize
04. Jordin Sparks& Chris Brown ; No Air
05. David Cook ; Billie Jean
06. Marie Digby ; Stupid for You
07. Lucky ; Jason Mraz ft Colby Caillat

seven things i always say:
01. wokeys
02. ye ke
03. tsk tsk tsk
04. ala...
05. yappari
06. ohh..
07. entah la

seven precious things:
01. Islam
02. family
03. friends
04. money
05. cumi
06. my memories
07. my barang2

seven "first time" in my life:
01. first time ponteng class with reason but kena marah by arba'ain sensei
02. first time nampak pacat during camp 06
03. first time i acted in front of video cam for english day out
04. first time i headbang sampai my kepala sakit during jrock kingdom 4
05. first time i blogged was during form 4
06. first time i danced with a guy during prom night 05
07. first time i received an award for music

5 things I was doing 10 years ago..
1- going to school jadi teacher's pet ;)
2- in the school's running team
3- kacau orang2 motor
4- eating as much as i want to
5- sleepover at an nur's place!

5 things on my to-do list today
1- habiskn Last Friends latest episode
2- iron baju for btn
3- give put her white shirt and farah her passport picture
4- report (?)
5- do laundry

5 snacks I enjoy:
1- choki2
2- oreo
3- cadbury chocs
4- tidbits
5- bread

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1- buy a mansion and save all the abandon kitties
2- charity
3- give to my parents
4- travel around the world
5- invest my money lg, so i can be a trillionaire or maybe a zillionaire

5 places I have lived in:
1- taman tun
2- damansara utama
3- kg tunku
4- shah alam/ subang jaya
5- insyaAllah, soon Japan!

jobs I've had:
1- sales assistant
2- helping mom with chores
3- driver (omg, very very kejap)
4- student
5- everyone's sleeping partner 8D

people i tagged
i'm tagging everyone on my affiliates to do this minus naz. ;p

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


there's no water here in my apartment!

aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai! need to go to pool's toilet later. ;( saya mahu shouben!

anyways, last night the girls and i (meen, tim & farah) invited hiroko san for ban gohan(dinner). we had nikujaga (meat & potato cooked in soy sauce sepatutnye), sambal udang with petai (yums!) n meen's omelette with cheese. let's just say, everyone gained weight last night. oishikatta zo!

i wanna try masak sorang2 at my apartment la. might go out later to buy barang2 for camp btn. too-dles.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


stalker from aussieland: amelia, sook jin, nadia.

stalker from nihonland: senpai ka na? or Pinky?
;) hello nippon!

i'm doing this cos i'm bored and i dunno what to write for my Japanese essay assignment. bagus betul la me. whoopie goldberg!


it's a junction!

I'm currently on a road which leads me to two smaller paths.

1. multimedia telecommunication at Shibaura Institute Technology, TOKYO
2. information telecommunication at Meiji Daigaku

Hm.. decisions, decisions. Sensei strongly suggested Meiji, "charenji suru daigaku". I don't mind considering the uni if only my "favourite" seniors aren't there. Cisss. Buggers, I don't need them to "preach" me in Japan, yeeeps!

BTN Camp soon. I don't see why we need to wear white kurung and black skirt. Waste of money, no?

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

she returns!

y'all oh my god.
my 2nd idol on youtube returns.

magi chan

x) haha, go waste your time watching it!


hey! while you're at magi-chan@youtube, do check my friend's video! comments and rate are very much welcome :)

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hair part 2

i'll let the pics amuse you for today.
i look like emily/ kiyoharu fan ;)

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