Saturday, May 31, 2008


atas permintaan semua,

i finally had a haircut.
it's as short as the header pic extreme left.


;) i'll post up pics when i have camera in my hand.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm such a YouTube freak.

Since 6pm till now. Old videos, new videos. Hands down to David Cook and Faizal Tahir. (I'm watching Faizal's We Will Rock You medley, awesome stuff)

And I declare myself an Emily fan.
Atashi no koto, wasurenai de ne~! ;)

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namake mono

My electromagnetism/electronic circuit/electronic experiment lecturer called me a..
namake mono.

translated : lazy person



sedih nyee~ my friend told sensei that I'm a namake mono. He agreed! :OO Excuse me, I'm like, the most genki-est person ever during cleaning up the lab & I do my job properly. Haha~ yeah, right ;)

Ok la, I admit, I always fool around during experiments but not the whole time. Only for like an hour or so.. then back to quiet, hungry rai. tskk, nak point tim la.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

I don't ...

.. understand.

Every single adult knows that religion is a sensitive topic and yet, they can make fun of other religions so easily. Every f*king leader knows, offending one's religion is a big no-no. (mama never teach you?) I've been getting this forwarded messages in YM about super big, ohmygod I-can-die-if-I get-to-touch-his-hand leader koff Bush & his under dogs koff, putting down Islam. Well hello Mr Bush, did any Muslim leaders talk about YOUR religion and beliefs? Damn no. Did they burn your bibles? Hell no. Do you know why we don't do all those? Cos it's not worth the time plus, Islam approach people in a peaceful way.

Plus, another thing.

Scholars are suppose to follow their sponsors like a dog, yes? Well, I don't remember having a leash around my neck, or have I gone blind? Since elections, everything's f*ked up. Hm, politics. Screw la.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

trouble trouble

yet again,
another "brilliant" decision made by our sponsor.

macam ni lah kerja orang melayu.
terbukti, kerja orang MELAYU

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

go team!

bring it on chics! :)

& to JAD boys be ambitious, HAVE PRIDE!
All the best to our football team guys.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

busy monday

Hey all! Alhamdulillah, Australian Guild Hall Award Ceremony went well and I got a trophy for receiving the highest score in the Grade 7 Electronics Organ pratical exam. :) clap for me please.

*british accent* how do you doooooo everybohdy?

i so am the champion

with the dad

after that, the arnh sisters went to 1u for the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian. it wasn't as bad as everyone said. i kinda enjoyed it. after the show, went to fie's 19th party at Fraser's Tower in Jalan Gasing.o-hisashiburi!

bday girl & laila

partying in the hot sauna

happy 19th birthday yuffie.
You look so pretty today :) and your boy is really sweet, awww..

my johor trip entry is still pending. anyways, yay for no class tmr! whoopie!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008


to johor

what we do when we're bored in the car

johor is just bliss. the food, the people, the place and the atmosphere.
i love mandi berkemban. will do a proper update soon, i promise. xoxo

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

marie digby

My Strawberry Jam's Dead Tree cover video on youtube has reached 100 views. Yays! Not bad for 4 days with 100 views. :)

marie digby - say it again

Anyways, Huzair, Joanne, Yus & I went to 1u to get a glimpse of Marie Digby. She's awesome but I couldn't wait longer cos I wanna go jalan2 around 1u and my back hurts from standing and waiting for her to perform. A lot of people came and I saw some familiar faces. we dropped by asia cafe for super late dinner and got back just before 12am. amelia, jangan nk report kat mama pulak. :P

ps. i got myself a Forever21 simple top. whee!
pps. i'm going to Johor tomorrow. will buzz you at ym or poke you in msn when i get back.

till then. xoxo

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Strawberry Jam

Intercept from Jrock Kingdom IV. Strawberry Jam with their encore, Dead Tree.

I can just cry.

I recorded the first half of the song, later part, credits to Shazni. :)


happy mother's day

happy mother's day mama!
we love you!

happy mother's day cumi!

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Jrock Kingdom 4

amelia, jei and i, rocking ourselves at jrock kingdom 4 y'all!

Tonight was a blast! Like serious, God knows when was the last time I head banged so much till I have pains all over my head and neck. Jei came over at 5ish and Jei, Amelia, Hani & I reached Ruums, KL at around 5ish almost 6. On the way to Ruums, I saw my own batch in front of Zouk. I'll not mention names here, tsk the people know who they are cos I texted one of them. ;)

Neways, there's one whole room filled with cosplayers alone. Lots of Jrock cosplayers *smirks* Alex and Shazni (Amelia's friend) came later. The event was awesome. Sequence: Haze + Miniature Garden, Drako'Zen, Bouncing Asian, J'misquall, Strawberry Jam and Mage. I really really enjoyed Drako'Zen, Bouncing Asian(some songs), J'misquall (some songs) and Strawberry Jam! I head banged through out SJ's performance. Drako'Zen performed Gilgamesh songs, Bouncing Asian(anime song), SJ performed Dir en Grey's songs and J'misquall played a lot of Shiina Ringo songs. *loves*
this is Draco'Zen

I'm seriously impressed at Jeremy's (SJ) vocals. He even did the whole Kyo's blood act when he sang. He spitted out blood at the crowd, and guess what? I got his blood on my arm. Hehe! SJ improved a lot year by year. From Paul's Place to Halo's Cafe and now, at Ruums. Keep on rocking boys!omg my 'Die'! *squeals*
this is ian rocking on his guitar

my favourite strawberry jamhung siew with the girls *hearts* you rock!!
amelia, hani, ian and i *heart*all of us with Draco'Zen's vocalist. we love backstage!!

and my favourite alex, whom i have not met for a very long time! muaxxx!

battery low. gotta go! and it's 2.17am. fish!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

itu kamu

Happy 20th Birthday, Saffy!

Cos you rock & we all know it.

♥ you lots.


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i renew my love towards

the great MIYAVI sama.

thanks alex for the mp3s. i likes itu miyabi bi. :* gosh hisashiburi miyavi sama! now i need to renew my love towards Diru. 4 more days to fricking JROCK KINGDOM y'all!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

happy birthday

We've been classmates since Matrics in 2006. You're the first guy I entrusted to keep my wallet in your pockets. Because you're twenty today, you had lots of bruises given by the guys. (It's a tradition here in JAD. When it's someone's birthday, the guys will beat you up playfully, so no need to worry people!) Happy birthday Shaha! You're truly a good friend. :)

you! the guy with the camera! happy 20th! :P

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U2 is having a rough night tonight, especially the Mech. students. Good luck my dearest for your presentation tomorrow!

I finished my Electrical report. *grins* :D and now I'm working on my Electromagnetic assignment. It's tough, although it's only some basic stuff in Electromagnetism. Darn, when can I get the concept right?

Anyways, I embarrassed myself during Electric experiment.

Me: Omg, korang, tengok, the other group is way ahead of us. Diorang tengah buat experiment (bla bla..). Omg, they're so like Shinkansen. And we're like KTM - Kereta Tanah Api Melayu.

It's actually Kereta Api Tanah Melayu. Yeah, so, way to go. Not only did I embarrassed myself, I embarrassed my own race. ;( oh man, my BM and English is getting worse. Herruupu!

ps. At least I don't pronounce Gazette as Gha-ze-te. It's Ga-ze-to. Work on it lady.

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