Monday, November 23, 2009

How I Wish It's Summer

I'm dreading the cold! It's probably 4 degree outside and 15 degree inside my house. I want Malaysia sun - another 3 more months. :)

Anyway, I've completely change myself to a Mac user on a Japanese keyboard. I have yet to install the Windows OS on my Mac. I want a Windows 7! Need to get the original one in another 3-4 months. I gotta save my money after splurging so much last Friday/Saturday. Karaoke - Hair Salon - Macbook. Dammit. I hope my boss deposits our paycheck early so that I wouldn't feel so so poor now. This is my first time spending over ¥100,000++ on something, with MY OWN MONEY. (Why do you think I've been working my ass off like crazy lately?) I feel so satisfied, so adult. Actually, it's not easy when you have to buy something with your own money. It was easy to ask your parents to get it for you with just a simple sweet "please" at the end of the sentence. But with your own money -- NO WAY HO ZAY! I think I'm gonna be a more wiser and smarter money spender after this, amin.

Next live ; Paramore in Osaka & Lady Gaga in Yokohama anyone? ;)

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Monday, November 16, 2009


They're coming oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

I was complainingto Kanda last week about Paramore not wanting to promote their new album, Brand New Eyes in Japan.

And I just checked my mail. Eplus sent concert notifications, yada yada.. Scroll a bit, and I saw Paramore Osaka/Tokyo! I WANT TO GO! But the thing is, concert in Tokyo is 13th Feb. I'm going back Malaysia on that day. There's a high possibility that I might go for the one in Osaka - 10th Feb. OR last resort would be, change my flight (very verrrryyy slim chance la)


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekend Escape

Hi all. Saya malas nak ber-blogging actually, but due to someone who asked me about my blog & I just read her awesome blog, I decided to blog a lil teeny bit.

My week revolves around school on Monday and Thursday;
Part time job on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday;
Gossiping/catching up on Saturday;
Date on Sunday.

So you see here, I wish I have more free time so that I can blog and also have proper rest! (Dating doesn't count okay)

This weekend, I'm off to Tim's place. It's 2 hours 30 minutes away from my place to be exact. Hope we get to see the autumn leaves this weekend :) and do some winter shopping. Toodles!

Ps. 3 months to HOMECOMING! YAY!

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