Monday, March 31, 2008


ok, i met one already.

+ketawa guling2+


double wtf

wooh, it' official.

i haven't seen any of my housemates for like almost 3/4 day. still haven't met any of them yet. rawrrr. i'm living in my own island/planet/world/turf, u name it.

fine, fine. maybe the reason i haven't met them yet is because i slept over at my ex housemate's house, farah. woohoo :D i just rock when it comes to disappearing.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


i'm at my apartment for the past 4-5 hours and yet, my housemates aren't here. actually one's here but she's in her room. i haven't met or spoken to her yet. omg, somehow, my new house has this cold atmosphere and i'm sure it's gonna last for like.. erm, until i move out. haha.

i wanna sleep at my room tonight, but i think i'll be hopping over at tim's house for my first night. :) ahah, yes i'm still a bloody scaredy kitty who can't sleep alone at night. k la, so far i've unpacked most of my stuff but my facials/what not are still in the paper bag. need my guy to send my small cupboard soon. (:

peace out y'all.

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final year diploma

my holiday ends today.

good bye holiday love.

and hello to stressful life of a final year diploma student.

take care peeeps. muchos love, xoxo

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Friday, March 28, 2008

memoirs of bff

i miss the good old days.

we were so young & naive.
in school or in shopping malls.

safiyyah, cepat la balik from US.
elaine, hurry get a job la then you can be the first to belanja us.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


happy 18th birthday
dearest sista! <3
not the greatest sister ever, but you're definitely one of a kind.

Monday, March 24, 2008


i survived driving to damansara uptown while having my once-a-month period pain! T.T i am proud of meself. day one of period down, 949502384034 more days to go!

I'm starting a new diet.
It's called the seafood diet.
See food and you eat it.

weekend glory!

saturday - i was busy watching f1's qualifying session on tv.

sunday - i was busy watching f1 race day. prayed for lewis hamilton to do a "massa" but he didn't. am happy cos BMW's kubica won 2nd place. kimi, as usual, fantastic on his red vroom vroom ferrari won 1st.

i've decided my team and it's this:

i've been supporting them since 2001 when it was nick heidfeld & kimi raikkonen's first debut in f1. XD and how can you not support this awesome complete team?

go heidfeld & kubica~! XDDDDDDD go team BMW SAUBER! and hamilton tgh bising pasal incident kat pitstop. yeah, it costed him 20 precious second to get his front right tire to get out and put a new one back in. cos of that, he's in 5th place when he should be 3rd in the race. (the dude has everything calculated out pfft!) let's just pray he'll do a massa in the next race.

note: massa is a ferrari driver. but in my word, it means "lose concentration and spins out off race due to over-comfortable". :) cheers massa, no hard feelings eh?

and extra note. must-watch-over-this-season-driver goes to this man:this is nakajima kazuki. i adore. he's orang jepun. yums! he's in williams. his partner, nico rosberg is worth watching too. hehe ^-^

habis with the f1 talk, after that i went to Pavilion for the Young Designers Show featuring Alexandrea Yeo, Edmund Ooi, Felix Chin & Venie Tee.

Many young designers don't start off well. in this fashion festival, Dato' Nancy Yeoh picks out 4 talented young designers to show their designs to people. They didn't fail to impress me at all. Edmund Ooi showed off some abuse theme dressing, Felix with a medical theme,no?, Alex with a sense of fetish in her designs and Venie did a cute colourful designs. My first fashion runway show and i'm impressed. *.*

k la, tu je. finite-.

Friday, March 21, 2008


it's been 1 week of holiday and I'm already bored out of my wits!

I have nothing to do besides watching japanese dramas on my laptop, dvds, reading books, surfing the net, etc. I am bored! I want to go out :( but I'm broke. bluerrgh. Anyone got Ugly Betty dvd? I missed a lot of episodes in season 1. I don't mind catching up though.

Suddenly, I have the urge to pig myself out. Kak Su's cooking spaghetti. Yums! I might watch Lord of the Rings: The Two Tower. My favourite (my cutesy Pippin love!) movie. And may I ask, any Sri Amanian going to SA's Sports Day? It's this coming Thursday (27th march). Let me know mkays! Time to eat now.

I need to keep myself in good shape.
Round is a shape.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


this entry requires extra attention.

I'm going to Alex's Runway.

Yes, a fashion runway.

Oh my God, and I have no idea what to wear for that runway show! -_____- never been to one. Wooh. ok, I need to relax. everything's gonna be ok, right?


of new blog

A big fat hello to my cherrytootsiepop @ blogspot :)

I'm actually a frequent blogger at LiveJournal but I've decided to move my writings to blogspot instead. I'll be doing my random ramblings and rantings here from now on. *scratches head* I'll end now, hee. toodles! xoxo

p/s thanks to my youngest sister who helped with my blogskin! *adores*

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