Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i think

I personally think smaller groups are way better than bigger groups.


Everyone gets the chance to touch new fancy machines, listen to teacher's detailed explanation, etc.

I am lost in Electric experiments. Seriously, they should really consider making a 3-4 people group, rather than 6 and above if they want to make us good engineers.

This is just my 2 cents.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

of my opinions

Since last weekend up till Wednesday, I had nothing but Bakso, something like mee hoon soup with meatballs in it. My guy friends started calling me bebola because I'm getting rounder like the meatball in Bakso. I got so stressed up with the name calling, I decided to spill out my heart contents in Japanese class just now.

Translated to English:
Slimming has been an issue since long time ago, therefore I would like to talk about my opinion on the issue. It's so cliche when guys pick slim girls over fat girls. Guys don't know how it feels like being rejected, being tortured/abused verbally - guys just don't get girls, period. They don't know how much that tiny lil "fat" word can affect fat girls badly. In the end, fat girls ended up trying to be either bulimia or anorexic. For me, no matter how much people tell you straight in the face that you're fat, as long as you're happy with yourself, just go on with the body babes! To heaven if people are not pleased with your shape. Boost up your confidence, lift your chins up and be proud of the way you are.

So, to make this entry short, I am now taking Bakso once or twice a week. :P touche to Bakso!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

so very random

quick post.

camp sucks, big time.
my program is like high school except that we don't have pta here. double wtf, we even have house color for sports week(?)!

i had bakso 4 times. <3
i feel like i'm down with a fever. -__-;

kays, got meeting later, ciaos.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

roti canai

Goodness gracious!

I am hungry! I want to eat Roti Planta cicah with dal & sambal. *drool emoticon*

Btw, chou kouhais (super juniors) have checked in. I have the loveliest juniors in my house. <3 At first, I thought I couldn't get along with them but it turns out fine actually.

You have gotta love block B, 5-3. Anyone wants to come over to my place for a sleepover? There's a swimming pool and kedai with the best roti canai, y'know!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Australian Guild Hall Examination

I took this exam two years ago in June. It's Organ Practical Grade 7. I received an honour grade.

And less than an hour ago, I got a phone call from my former music teacher, saying that I'm Malaysia's champion in that examination for grade 7.

Fuckkk! Tak caya siot!!!! And now I really wanna go to this ceremony where they appreciate (ps. serenade) high achievers but I have experiment!! Darn it! I wish 19 May is a holiday. :( OMG IT IS A HOLIDAY I CAN GOOOO!

Gotta work something out.
ps. Anyone wants to come? It's at PJ Hilton. 19 May 08, 2pm onwards. And u gotta pay rm80. not cheap man, not cheap. lol ;)

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post sleepover pictures

We haven't started Prison Break yet and it's already 12.01am! My god, we were taking our own sweet time snapping pictures away with Zambri's guitar, then busy chatting also. -_-; ahaha! Then Joanne got worried with Yus. So many things in one night. Anyways, pictures!

i'm practising for Jrock Kingdom \m/
joanne wants to be Yui
please love us, patrick and the guitar
omg m2m malaysian version!

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Friday, April 11, 2008


Hey all! I'm posting this at Joanne's, using her laptop now. I'm sleeping over here tonight! Woohoo! We're gonna watch Prison Break season 3 later, after she's done bathing.

I just love sleepovers on Friday night and oogling at hot runaway fugitives. But we lack soda pops. Darn it. Sending Wentworth Miller's love to everyone, muahs!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

emo day on a rainy day

Someone turned emo today after I told her she speaks too much. I guess her emotional state couldn't handle the truth so she's ignoring me a bit, plus it's affecting me. Fork, now I'm turning emo.

The few things I can't be bothered now are emo friends and facebook. I gotta concentrate on assignments. :/

On the other hand, congratulations Kubica and Heidfeld! Way to go, BMW! <3

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Friday, April 4, 2008

happy birthday

happy birthday elaine lam!
best friends forever,love!
muahx :*

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

timetable 1st week

yaaay for the first week timetable! *beams my super sunshiny smiley*

no first period. we're free from waking up at 6am. woooh! *dance under the moonlight*

oh, and i kinda burst out in class just now. i didn't let my fouly2 mouth do the talking, instead i let my "read-between-the-lines" finger do it. wooah. lately i cepat naik marah. D: i wonder whyy.

ps. stupid la desperate housewives last night. -________-; omg, they should ban guys from becoming a gynae-doctor something. susan is such a gelabah person, haha. i really2 like the new neighbour that just moved in wisteria lane. <3

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