Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photo #7

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August 8, 2010
Summer Sonic 2010. Most memorable moshpit moment I had during Sum 41's act. It's my second year going to Summer Sonic. Despite the sweat, blazing hot sun, smelling other people's BO (eeeww!), Summer Sonic pumped me up. The crowd I spent time with was awesome too.

Thanks to my friends, I get two Kebabs for free. NYUMS! (I was penniless and my phone battery went dead)

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Photo #6

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August 7, 2010
We went all the way to 津久井湖 for fishing. I fell in love with this place the minute we got here. So peaceful and shady. Definitely a place where you can think or fish quietly. Best of all, free parking spots! Muahaha.

Did I mention that my summer activities are hiking and fishing? I am so turning into a nature person. Goodbye shopping malls.

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Photo #5

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July 31, 2010
We were on our way to 花火大会八王子 (Hachioji Firework Festival) by car. I wanted to snap a picture of the firework but instead I had to navigate the car and accidentally took a picture of the busy street.

Note to self: Do not go by car if I'm going to a firework festival. Traffic jam and also wearing yukata in a car is a big no-no.

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